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See our new Superior 1050 Sport Sedan at the Auckland on the water Boat Show. Berth M44. Read it here.


Superior Group began as a company specialising in boat repairs. From there we expanded our offer, and horizons, through the innovative use of fibreglass technology and creative design. Superior is not just a brand but also an attitude and a commitment to being superior in cost, design and delivery. 


Superior Boats

Superior Boats is our boat manufacturing division. We build the popular Superior 1050 Flybridge and the recently developed Superior 1050 Sport Sedan, a hull that is particularly popular for its timeless good looks and exceptional seaworthiness. 


South Auckland boat repairs (SABR)

We started the boat repairing service in the 1980s. When you buy a boat, it is a big investment, and we have the right experience to repair your asset. 


superior shuttles

Meet a whole new species of stylish, efficient, cost-effective and dynamic transportation—the CAT. Standing for the combination of Canopy & Trailer, this new hybrid is clearly best in class.


superior fibreglass

We've been using fibreglass since our inception. In 1995 we built a specialist workshop dedicated to offering innovative uses, and applications, of our building material of choice. If fibreglass is involved, we can do the job.


Superior Boats

Superior Boats has been building the Superior 1050 Flybridge model for over a decade. Following on from the popularity of the Flybridge, we've now released our first Sport Sedan: the perfect gulf cruiser for extended stays.


the perfect kiwi
coastal cruiser


South Auckland
Boat Repairs

South Auckland Boat Repairs has been repairing, maintaining and altering boats since 1987. With a purpose-built factory with gantry units to lift boats and years of experience, we're experts at what we do.


the experts

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Superior Shuttles

Superior Shuttles manufactures quality heavy-duty, waterproof trailers with a fibreglass canopy that is modern looking and low maintenance by design. Available in two versatile models.


to suit you



Superior Fibreglass are the fibreglass specialists. And because fibreglass is versatile, and so are we! From production and repairs to industrial applications, we can do custom mould making to fit your requirements. Whether you need a racking system for a trailer or a sealed floor for a truck we can do it all. We're the motorhome and campervan experts too – we make all fibreglass components for TrailLite motorhomes.


As versatile
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