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Fiberglass fabric. Abstract background. Fiberglass. Woven texture. Textured surface. Glass


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Q   Can I choose the interior accessories and colours?
A   Absolutely. We value the customer’s input to personalise the interior to their individual taste.

Q   What is the cruise speed of the Superior 1050?
A   18–24 knots

Q   Can I change the engine from what’s specified? ie, from V-drive to the Stern drive?
A   Yes, the engine is the owner’s choice—30–380hp on V-drive set up. Stern drive single or twin installation.

Q   How much fuel and water does the Superior 1050 hold?
A   500 litres of fuel and 360 litres of water.

Q   How many berths?
A   Options of 4, 5 or 6.

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Q   Can you  make a mould of this?
A   Yes, we can manufacture small to large moulds.
Q   Can you manufacture run of fibreglass parts?

A   Yes, we can manufacture small to large parts.
Q   you manufacture a prototype part (plug)?

A   Yes.

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Q     Do you only repair boats?
A     No, we can repair anything that is made of fibreglass.
Q     Do you repair gelcoat?

A     We specialise in this area.
Q     Do you do insurance claim work?

A     Yes, please contact us for a damage assessment.

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Q   What are the colour options?
A   Off-white is our standard colour however we can offer other non-metallic colour options into the build process.
Q   Do the shuttles have shelving or secondary floors?

A   Yes, we can customise to suit requirements.
Q   Can roof racks be fitted to the shuttle?

A   Yes, for transporting of bikes or equipment.

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Head to our FAQs to find answers to common questions or contact us directly.

Our contact details

P : (09) 268 2222
E :

25-27 Holmes Road, Manurewa, Auckland 2102
Just around the corner from the Takanini interchange

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